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Comprehensive Transplant Institute

Since completing our first procedure in 1968, UAB has been on the forefront of advancing the field of organ transplantation.

Fifty years later, our Comprehensive Transplant Institute continues pushing the envelope in the areas of treatment, research, training and protocol development, as well as organ availability, preservation and utilization.

UAB Comprehensive Transplant Institute celebrates 16,000+ transplants

UAB has completed more than 16,000 successful organ transplants since 1968, when our team performed Alabama’s first kidney transplant. Since then, UAB has been consistently recognized as one of America’s top transplant centers.

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Our expert team provides hope to organ disease patients

Today our nationally ranked hospital performs heart, lung, liver, kidney, and pancreases transplants, as well as multi-organ procedures. Due to our research within these areas, we have the ability to offer thousands of patients early access to the latest in testing and therapies.

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