Department of Computer Science will host annual high school programming contest

High school programming contest for Alabama students to be held April 6 at UAB.
Written by: Maegan Royal
Media contact: Yvonne Taunton

CodeJoomlaThe State of Alabama High School Programming Contest, hosted by the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Department of Computer Science, will be held Saturday, April 6, at Campbell Hall, 1300 University Blvd.

HSPC is a program that brings gifted high school and advanced junior high school students to UAB to participate in an organized competition. Students compete individually to showcase their programming and problem-solving abilities and are expected to solve six programming problems within a three-hour period. Schools with three or more participants are eligible for team awards.

Students will compete for two first-place awards ($400 each), two second-place awards ($200 each) and two third-place awards ($100 each). Each school will be evaluated by the sum of its top three scores. Upon meeting the qualifications, the school will be eligible to win first- ($300), second- ($200) or third- ($100) place awards.

The event schedule is as follows:

10 a.m. – Registration

11 a.m. – Lunch

Noon-3 p.m. – Contest

3:15 p.m. – Awards

There is a $20 registration fee per student. Only cash or checks will be accepted.

Students using any programming language other than Python, Java or C++ must notify organizers in advance. The code will be evaluated by the auto-grader.

Teachers interested in participating are asked to provide organizers with a headcount, including students, teachers and parents, in advance. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Mahmut Unan at or visit the contest website