Anti-aging startup launched based on breakthrough UAB research

An anti-aging cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical company launches startup in Birmingham, Alabama, with a national leadership team.
Written by: Briana Bryant
Media contact: Alicia Rohan

Yuva1Keshav Singh, Ph.D., professor of genetics in the UAB School of MedicineTogether, hair loss prevention and anti-aging skincare represent a more than $11 billion market. Yuva Biosciences, an anti-aging startup based on technology developed at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, is harnessing its cutting-edge science to develop products based on breakthrough research, in which mitochondria play a role in reversing skin aging and hair loss.

“It’s exciting to see another startup born out of UAB technology choosing to stay and grow in Birmingham,” said Kathy Nugent, Ph.D., executive director of UAB’s Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. “Competing companies are predominantly located in medtech clusters, including Silicon Valley and Boston; but our local ecosystem is also poised for cultivating innovative startups like Yuva.”

The startup intends to develop cosmeceuticals, science-based cosmetics with medicinal properties, and pharmaceuticals. The runway to product launch becomes significantly shorter for cosmeceuticals, and the company expects to develop initial topical products within four years.  

Wrinkled skin and hair loss are among the earliest and most predominant visual changes observed during aging.

“Yuva Biosciences plans to mitigate many of the undesirable effects of aging, which is why we like to say our goal is to provide youthfulness for life,” said Keshav Singh, Ph.D., professor of genetics in the UAB School of Medicine, who will serve as Yuva Biosciences’ chief scientific adviser. “Initial products will be aimed at helping people look and feel younger, with a longer-term plan to address aging-related diseases and disorders.” 

Greg Schmergel, a Boston-based serial entrepreneur, will serve as chairman of Yuva Biosciences, offering more than 25 years of experience in launching multiple high-tech ventures and leading a nanotechnology company, Nantero, Inc., where he is the co-founder and CEO.

“Yuva is positioned to become a leader in the anti-aging industry, under Keshav’s vision and scientific leadership,” Schmergel said. “We are committed to building the company in Birmingham, where we’ll have access to resources like the world-class researchers and facilities at UAB, the startup-focused amenities at Innovation Depot, and the rising regional entrepreneurial network.” 

The company has identified lab space at Innovation Depot and plans to hire additional employees.