Undergraduates receive hands-on experience during summer research program

Undergraduate research students from across the country competed in UAB’s Summer Research Expo in July.

REU2Bryce Coyne, who presented “Fe2+ Doped Laser Materials for Mid-Infrared Applications.”This summer, the University of Alabama at Birmingham hosted undergraduate researchers from around the United States. The Research Experience for Undergraduates offers a unique experience for students to work alongside accomplished researchers. During the summer program, participants present at the annual Office of Service Learning and Undergraduate Research’s Summer Expo. Among the winners were several REU students from across the country. 

The REU winners included: 

  • First place in engineering: Jordan Zimmerman, chemical engineering major from the University of Oklahoma, who presented “Enhanced Mechanical Characteristics of PET/PU Electrospun Vascular Grafts with Additive Manufacturing Reinforcement for Long, Small-Diameter Vascular Graft Applications.”
  • First place in physical and applied science: Bryce Coyne, physics major from the Occidental College in California, who presented “Fe2+ Doped Laser Materials for Mid-Infrared Applications.”
  • Second place in physical applied science: Dexter Mitchell, Department of Physics major at UAB, who presented “Einselected thermal equilibrium of qubits in the strong coupling regime.”

All students who competed in the expo received hands-on experience that will benefit them in future graduate research. To learn more about upcoming research opportunities, or the Fall Research Expo, visit uab.edu/undergraduateresearch.