Nationally ranked program provides a deeper understanding of society

A degree in sociology builds a foundation of knowledge and understanding of how and why people react in society.

Sociology1Understanding and investigating the complexities of society and human social relationships is the focus of sociology. The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s online master’s degree in sociology was recently ranked fourth in the United States by Online Schools Report.

“Having an understanding of the social world puts college graduates at the forefront of their career field,” said Verna Keith, Ph.D., chair of the UAB Department of Sociology. “At UAB, we strive to educate all students on the dynamics of human social interactives. Our graduate students continue to build on these foundations through our online programs to build a better understanding of society to advance in their profession.”

Graduates of sociology have gone on to careers in administration and management, including government, private business and nonprofit organizations, marketing, sales, politics, communications, social services, including youth, senior and poverty, corrections/investigation on a local, state and federal level, and public relations, among others. A Master of Arts degree in sociology enhances existing skills sets and qualifications, no matter a student’s career field.  

UAB offers a fully online M.A. in applied sociology that includes nine courses. This non-thesis curriculum covers 18 required credits and 12 elective credits. The degree culminates in a six-hour applied capstone project that can be completed online.  

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Online Schools Report also recognized UAB’s online programs for a master’s degree in early childhood education in the School of Education and Bachelor of Science degree in psychology in the College of Arts of Sciences.  

Online Schools Report provides students with information on online programs available. Programs are ranked based on hard data using a system to sum up a college’s merit based on six key statistics, including student satisfaction, admission rate, online presence, popularity at school, department size and median debt by program.