New School of Education program will retrain educators to become school psychologists

Alabama-certified school psychometrists can earn a degree in school psychology in UAB’s new innovative online program.

Stephanie Corcoran 5 original RT scrStephanie Corcoran, Ph.D.A new school psychology program from the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Education is being launched to address the state’s critical shortage of school psychologists.

School psychologists play a vital role in the educational system. They provide assessments and interventions for students with learning and behavioral problems, and they work with teachers and administrators to create a positive learning environment.

“There is a huge shortage of school psychologists in Alabama,” said Stephanie Corcoran, Ph.D., the program’s director. “This program is designed to help fill that gap and provide much-needed services to students in our state.”

Why Choose UAB’s School Psychology Program?

  • Remain in your current position in a school district while you are in graduate school
  • Complete two online classes at a time; includes real-time synchronous virtual courses and interaction with faculty and fellow students
  • Complete your field-based assignments and internship hours in the district where you work
  • The program is aligned to the standards set by the National Association of School Psychologists
  • 12:1 student / faculty cohorts to ensure class sizes align with NASP training requirements

The need for school psychologists is especially acute in Alabama. A recent study found that the state has only one school psychologist for every 2,500 students, which is well below the national average of one for every 1,000 students.

The UAB School of Education’s program will address this shortage by providing students with the training they need to become school psychologists. The program will focus on consultation and interdisciplinary collaboration, crisis intervention, and behavioral intervention.

The program is currently conducting a review process for its first cohort, which will start in the fall of 2023. For more information, please visit the program’s website.