Dive into forensic sciences and uncover the scientist within at UAB Camp CSI

 Camp CSI gives children a chance to explore real-world forensic practices and learn about education and career opportunities in criminal justice.
Camp CSI stream

Learn more about resolving mysteries and what forensic scientists and crime scene investigators do, at the CSI Camp presented by the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Camp CSI is designed for high school students to uncover the reality behind the forensic science depicted in television dramas, develop their interest in science and the scientific method, and provide information on forensic science education and career opportunities.  

At Camp CSI, students in grades 10-12 will receive hands-on training from professors in the UAB College of Arts and SciencesJ. Frank Barefield, Jr. Department of Criminal Justice by collecting evidence, dusting for fingerprints, searching for blood stains, analyzing DNA evidence, interpreting DNA profiles, and examining flies and maggots.

Read forensic science master’s student Brynnen Hendrix’s story here. 


Experiential learning at the camp will develop students’ data collection, preservation, presentation and analytical skills by exposing them to current-generation equipment and methods used in forensic-based laboratories. The opportunity will also allow students to have fun while learning about meaningful topics: DNA, fingerprints and criminalistics. 

Visit the registration page for instructions and costs; limited seats are available. To find out about more summer camp opportunities, click here

To find out about more summer camp opportunities, click here.