Molecular biology, mathematics major named CAS outstanding undergraduate for sciences

Undergraduate researcher given top honors from College of Arts and Sciences.

Atbin Doroodchi received the UAB College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award as Outstanding Undergraduate Student for Sciences. Doroodchi, a member of the Science and Technology Honors Program, will graduate this spring with a double major in molecular biology and mathematics and a 3.93 GPA.

atbin_doroodchi“This honor is very rewarding to me, because it acknowledges all of the hard work that I have done throughout my undergraduate career at UAB,” says Doroodchi, recipient of a 2010 Goldwater Scholarship and 2011 Sigma Xi Grants-in-Aid of Research. “I would like to thank Diane Tucker, Nelleke Bak and my research mentors. Without their help and assistance, I wouldn’t be in the same place that I am today.”

Doroodchi is working with Yuqing Li, Ph.D., in the University of Florida Department of Neurology and Michael Miller, Ph.D., in UAB’s Department of Cell Biology. He is working on pathobiology of restless legs syndrome, and his work has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. He plans to enroll in the master’s program in UAB’s departments of Biology and Mathematics and eventually work as a physician scientist in cell biology at a leading university or at the National Institutes of Health.