New safety app now available to UAB students, faculty and staff

Download the Rave Guardian app and set up your network of emergency contacts and connect with UABPD.

social graphic 2This summer, the University of Alabama at Birmingham launched Rave Guardian, a personal safety service available to anyone with a or email address. Rave Guardian is the newest tool in UAB’s ongoing efforts to protect and secure the campus and community.

The mobile safety app allows users to designate “guardians” — who can be family, friends or even the UAB Police Department — to provide a virtual safety escort. The user sets a timer and designates a guardian; if the user does not deactivate the timer before it expires, an alert is sent to the guardian with the user’s location.

The app also allows for direct emergency access to UABPD — essentially serving as a personal panic button through which police can identify the user’s location. Users can also quickly report suspicious activity directly to UABPD, and even send photos.

More information about the app and downloading instructions are available at Students, faculty and staff should use their email address to create their account so they can take advantage of UAB-specific safety features, including direct access to UABPD. Non-UAB users can download a generic Rave Guardian app that will allow them to serve as a UAB user’s guardian.

  • Set a safety timer. Set a safety timer and status to alert those you trust if you are alone or are in an unfamiliar place.
  • Check on and message your guardians. Quickly and easily connect with those you trust to help you when you need them.
  • Make emergency calls and send text tips. Call emergency officials for help if you are in trouble and send text tips — including photos — if you see something suspicious.

UAB Police Chief Anthony B. Purcell encourages everyone to download the app.

“Although reported crime at UAB is relatively low, it is vitally important for us to remember we are not immune to criminal activity,” said Purcell. “Our institution’s most important priority is the safety and security of our students, faculty, staff, patients and guests. The Rave Guardian app is a very effective tool and our newest way to work collaboratively with our campus community for safety and security.”

The UAB campus now consists of more than 100 city blocks in the largest metropolitan area in Alabama. A city within a city, UAB has more than 18,500 students and 23,000 employees, and visitors to campus during special events can exceed 50,000.

To safeguard this community, UAB has employed many safety and security measures to protect the campus community, including: accredited police officers, partnerships with outside law enforcement agencies, more than 450 emergency telephones, emergency notification messaging system, security card access, cameras, Blazer Express and escort transportation system, and motorist assistance roadside service (MARS).