March 16, 2016

Ending stigma surrounding menstruation

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jong ngyen wangFrom left: Clara Wan, Aileen Jong and Michelle Nguyen

Aileen Jong, senior in philosophyMichelle Nguyen, senior in neuroscience, and Clara Wan, senior in biology, are bringing attention to a little-discussed issue: menstrual hygiene management. Their Clinton Global Initiative project will launch Camions of Care at UAB, a local chapter of a national organization that provides essential menstrual hygiene products to women in need.

“These products are basic necessities that should be readily accessible to women of all income levels,” said Jong, who came to UAB from Palatine, Illinois. “But many women struggle to afford expensive menstrual hygiene products every month.”

The main goals of Camions of Care at UAB “will be to provide basic hygiene care packages for low-income or homeless women in the Birmingham area and end the stigma surrounding menstruation to empower women,” said Wan, of Madison, Alabama. “We seek to educate students about their bodies and focus on how periods are a natural process through healthy, open conversation.”

“We want to empower women through advocacy, education and service,” added Nguyen, who is from Morgan Hill, California.

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