Brianna Hoge

Brianna Hoge

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Public Relations Specialist • (205) 975-5985

Supports the external communications teams by posting stories, building media relationships, distributing press releases and providing analytics for media coverage.

Bart Rose, M.D. 

Pancreatic cancer • Diseases of the stomach 

UAB provides tips for healthy eating and staying active during the upcoming holidays.

Holly Wyatt, M.D.

Obesity • Nutrition • Metabolism • Physical activity • Weight loss and regulation • Wellness • Endocrinology • Internal medicine 

Gregory Davis, M.D. 

Ivestigation of sudden death • Opioid-related death • Drug abuse 

Sandra Sims, Ph.D. 

Quality physical education programs • Integrated physical education and health education • Health & wellness 

Day camps at UAB provide working parents child care opportunities while school is out of session.
UAB students will provide a hands on learning experience to families of Hemphill Elementary.

Tara Warner, Ph.D.

Victimization • Sexual risk-taking • Neighborhoods • Substance use • Gun ownership 

Christine Curcio, Ph.D. 

Aging • Age-related macular degeneration • Pathogenesis
UAB graduate students will present their final research during a three-minute thesis competition.
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