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Elizabeth Baker, Ph.D.

Health disparities in second generation Mexican and Hispanic populations • Social structures including gender, social class and race/ethnicity • Immigration reform and policy 

Media contact: Yvonne Taunton, 

BakerElizabeth Baker, Ph.D.

Department of Sociology


Areas of expertise: 

  • Health disparities in second generation Mexican and Hispanic populations focusing on children and adolescents
  • How other social structures including gender, social class, and race/ethnicity interact with nativity status to produce disparities in health outcomes
  • Immigration reform and policy 



Baker’s research interests centers on disparities in health among various populations and their impact. She studies gender, immigration, and race/ethnicity, with a focus on Hispanics. With doctorates in demography and sociology, Baker’s research examines population level health trends focusing on quantitative methods using large secondary data sources and incorporates demographic techniques into understanding health disparities.



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