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Samantha J. Shebib, Ph.D.

Interpersonal communication •Family communication •Dark side of communication •Instructional communication •Health Communication •Advanced Statistics 

Media contact: Shannon Thomason,

samantha shebib expertsSamantha J. Shebib, Ph.D.

Department of Communication Studies


Areas of expertise:

  • Interperosnal communication
  • Family communication
  • Dark side of communication
  • Instructional communication
  • Health communication
  • Advanced Statistics



Shebib is a social scientist who studies human behavior and communication in a variety of contexts with a “dark side” perspective, shedding light on the paradoxical, dialectical, hidden and forbidden facets of human relating. Shebib draws attention to the fact that negative and dysfunctional outcomes can occur in relationships even when positive and functional ones are expected. At the same time, there are often positive silver linings in seemingly dark relational contexts. She is an assistant professor and associate scientist in the UAB Department of Communication Studies and is associate editor of Relationship Research News. 

Shebib’s research interests are embedded in interpersonal/family relationships during conflict and support. Currently, Shebib examines how physiological responses (i.e., cortisol and testosterone) affect how one communicates when conflict transpires.



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