Learn about hernias, treatments and diagnoses

UAB doctors will host a free communitywide education event to discuss treatment and diagnosis of hernias.
Written by: Maegan Royal
Media contact: Adam Pope

HerniaJoomlaHernias can happen to anyone. Every year, nearly 700,000 Americans develop one, and UAB surgeons and physicians are hosting a free community education event Tuesday, June 4, to answer questions about diagnosing and treating hernias.

A hernia happens when part of an internal organ or tissue pushes through a weak area of muscle, creating a bulge. It is caused by a combination of muscle weakness and straining, like lifting something heavy. Most hernias occur in the abdomen, between the chest and the hips, and they can develop in men, women and children.

This event will take place at UAB Hospital in the North Pavilion Atrium on the second floor, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. No registration is required.