UAB rheumatology care expands to Hoover clinic

UAB rheumatologists will begin seeing patients at the UAB Hoover Primary Care clinic in July 2022.

Taylor x VachhaniAdam Taylor, M.D., and Raj Vachhani, M.D.Two University of Alabama at Birmingham rheumatologists will join the team at the UAB Medicine Hoover Specialty Care clinic. Adam Taylor, M.D., and Raj Vachhani, M.D., both assistant professors in the UAB Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, will begin seeing patients at their new multispecialty location beginning in July 2022.   

“We wanted to bring our care to Hoover because access to rheumatology care is something we are both very passionate about,” Taylor said. “We have seen numerous patients who don’t get the care they need simply because they are unable to make it to our downtown location.”

While rheumatologists commonly see patients with arthritis, there are numerous other rheumatic conditions that benefit from expert care. Autoimmune diseases like lupus and scleroderma, as well as inflammatory disorders like gout, are typically diagnosed and treated by rheumatologists. Establishing a specialty clinic in Hoover will help make it more convenient for patients in surrounding areas, expanding rheumatology care to a greater number of Alabama residents.

“Our team will provide diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory arthritis and numerous other autoimmune diseases,” Vachhani said. “We hope that by expanding our reach beyond the downtown campus we can help those patients get the care they really need.”

Learn more about UAB rheumatology care here.

UAB rheumatologists and clinical immunologists offer patients advanced, personalized medicine using “treat-to-target” approaches. All division physicians have been trained in internal medicine and rheumatology, allowing them to provide comprehensive care for patients.

The UAB Medicine Hoover Specialty Care clinic is located at 501 Emery Drive West, Hoover, AL 35244. To schedule an appointment, call 205-989-7254.