UAB professor selected as Education Ambassador of Higher Education by world’s leading global affairs think tank

Lim will shape CFR Education’s educational products and share best practices for teaching global issues while fostering global civics advocacy among her students.

RS21410 HyeyoungLim 7RT scr28129Hyeyoung Lim, Ph.D.The Council on Foreign Relations has selected Hyeyoung Lim, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s J. Frank Barefield, Jr. Department of Criminal Justice as the 2023-24 Education Ambassador of Higher Education.

Lim will participate in a nine-month program that connects educators across the United States with resources, professional development activities and a robust professional network. 

“I was very impressed by the CFR’s works when I attended the two-day workshops in April,” said Lim, the College of Arts and Sciences associate professor. “When I learned about the new pilot program for higher education, I was encouraged to apply for it.”

The selection acknowledges Lim’s commitment to preparing students to excel in today’s connected world by equipping them with knowledge, skills and a modern perspective. Further, the selection recognizes Lim as a champion of global affairs who takes an interdisciplinary approach toward global affairs by incorporating international relations, history, public policy, economics, law, environmental studies and public health into her teaching strategy.

“The selection as CFR’s Ambassador of Higher Education and the opportunity to help shape and improve CFR Education’s acclaimed educational products is an honor,” Lim said. “The program will help me share the best approaches to teaching global issues. I am excited to transform my students into advocates of global civics and world education by sharing the knowledge and skills I gain through this program.”

As an ambassador, Lim will attend monthly focus groups, product overviews and CFR expert insight sessions. She will also use and provide feedback on CFR’s educational resources.