UAB professor recognized for achievements in nutrition research

The American College of Nutrition recognizes David Allison, Ph.D., and his continued advancement of research in diet and nutrition. 

David Allison with students 12David Allison, Ph.D., Quetelet Endowed Professor in the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health, was awarded the 2016 American College of Nutrition’s Mark Bieber Professional Award.

“I am honored to receive this award from the American College of Nutrition, which shares my commitment to the pursuit of truth through uncompromising science,” Allison said. “I had the privilege of knowing Dr. Mark Bieber during his lifetime. Mark was a free-thinking and outspoken proponent for good science and a spirited critic of any propagation of nutritional messages not backed by good science.”

Allison is an avid researcher investigating the depths of obesity with more than 540 research papers published in journals that rank among the highest in scientific impact. A driving force in challenging conventional wisdom, myths and misconceptions in obesity, Allison is also well-known for his efforts to mentor others to play such roles in the field.

“A former mentee of mine, Dr. Lekki Wood, recently won the American Heart Association’s Mark Bieber Award, which recognizes an early career investigator for outstanding nutrition-related research,” Allison said. “Bieber’s influence on the pursuit of rigorous nutrition research is being propagated across generations of scientists.”

The Mark Bieber Professional Award honors the memory of a special member of the American College of Nutrition, Mark Bieber, Ph.D., and recognizes academic accomplishments in the field of nutrition.