September 18, 2017

UAB receives $1.5 million endowment from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama to research and develop practical solutions to health problems

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public health bcbsThe University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Public Health has received $1.5 million to establish the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Endowed Chair in Health Economics, the School of Public Health’s first endowed chair.

“This gift is timely given the changes in our country’s health care industry,” said Max Michael III, M.D., dean of the UAB School of Public Health. “We will use the funds to attract a thought leader in health economics to further the development of our students and ongoing research within health economics.”

Goals for the UAB SOPH’s first endowed chair include exploring and developing practical solutions to health problems; facilitating the translation of solutions into practice, both public health and health care; strategizing to improve health and wellbeing of all residents in the state of Alabama; and preparing an annual report and presentation on the chair’s impact within public health and health care to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Board of Directors.

“Our mission remains to provide Alabamians access to quality health care at the most affordable price possible,” said Terry Kellogg, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. “Making this endowment available to the UAB School of Public Health validates this commitment. We know it takes all participants to make an effective impact on public health, and we are making this commitment to strengthen our longstanding partnership with one of the premier schools in the country. We are confident this endowment will positively impact the health and wellness of Alabamians.” 

Endowed funds equip universities with a critical advantage in recruiting academic leaders at the highest levels, providing tuition for deserving and meritorious students, and responding to the changing needs of society.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.