Advanced special topics course in metabolomics 2016
(GBSC 724)

Course will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11:00 am to 12:30 pm in the SHELBY 515


Date Lecturer Topic
    Basics Course
Jan 4, Mon S. Barnes Transition from metabolism to metabolomics and targeted/untargeted approaches [PDF File]
Jan 6, Wed X. Cui Designing a complex –omics experiment [PDF File]
Jan 8, Fri S. Barnes The chemistry of the metabolome [PDF File]
Jan 11, Mon A. Patterson* Extracting the metabolome (fluids, cells and tissues) [PDF File] [Reference 1] [Reference 2] [Reference 3] [Reference 4]
Jan 13, Wed S. Barnes Choosing the platform for metabolomics [PDF File] [Reference 1]
Jan 15, Fri R. Krishna Fundamentals in NMR and metabolomics [PDF File]
Jan 18, Mon   Martin Luther King Holiday
Jan 20, Wed S. Cooper** Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry [PDF File]
Jan 21, Thu S. Barnes Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (452 McCallum Bldg at noon) [PDF File]
Jan 25, Mon M. Renfrow Mass accuracy and absolute mass [PDF File] [Reference 1] [Reference 2] [Reference 3]
Jan 27, Wed S. Barnes The TMAO story [PDF File] [Reference 1] [Reference 2]
Jan 29, Fri   First exam
Feb 1, Mon S. Barnes Uploading GC-MS and LC-MS data to XCMSonline [PDF File]
Feb 3, Wed P. Benton*** Output of XCMS (1) [PDF File]
Feb 5, Fri S. Barnes Output of XCMS (2) – univariate analysis [PDF File]
Feb 8, Mon X. Cui Statistical analysis with MetaboAnalyst
Feb 10, Wed S. Barnes Pathway databases - MetaboSearch [PDF File] [peak_normalized_rt_mz.csv]
Feb 12, Fri RTI Intl team Processing NMR data [PDF File] [1. UAB_RFA_Metaboanalyst.csv] [2. UAB_RFA_Metaboanalyst_D14_NoPools.csv] [3. UAB_RFA_Metaboanalyst_D14_Vehicle_vs_HighDose.csv]
Feb 15, Mon   Student presentations Cancelled
Feb 17, Wed S. Barnes Isotopically labeled precursors to identify pathways [PDF File]
Feb 19, Fri S. Barnes Isotopes and pathway dynamics [PDF File]
Feb 22, Mon J. Prasain MSMS of small molecules - interpretation [PDF File]
Feb 24, Wed J. Prasain
Validating metabolites [PDF File]
Feb 26, Fri   Student presentations
Feb 29, Mon S. Barnes Mummichog analysis of data [PDF File] [peak_normalized_rt_mz_2.csv]
Mar 2, Wed S. Barnes SWATH-MS, Ion Mobility and LC-MS for lipidomics [PDF File]
Mar 4, Fri J. Prasain Lipid maps database [PDF File]
Mar 7, Mon J Kabarowski Lipid imaging-mass spectrometry [PDF File] [PPT File]
Mar 9, Wed A. Wende Metabolomics in models of cardiovascular disease [PDF File]
Mar 11, Fri J. Prasain Novel prostanoid molecules [PDF File]
Mar14, Mon   Student presentations
Mar16, Wed R. Krishna NMR and magic angle spectroscopy [PDF File]
Mar 18, Fri S. Barnes In situ lipidomics in the surgical suite (finish at 9:55 am) [PDF File]
Mar 21, Mon H. Wu The microbiome and metabolomics [PDF File]
Mar 25, Fri   FINAL exam due

*Dr. Patterson is from Penn St University and will present his material by Skype
** Dr. Cooper is from HudsonAlpha
*** Dr. Benton is from Scripps Res Inst, La Jolla and will present his material by Skype

An alternate meeting place will be used on January 22 and February 19.