High Resolution Imaging Facility

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High Resolution Imaging Facility

Directory Category: Institutional Core

The High Resolution Imaging Facility or “HRIF” is a cutting-edge facility providing a variety of microscopy services for UAB Scientists. The HRIF supports research by offering access to a comprehensively equipped Shared Resource. Available are confocal laser scanning microscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopy, Ca2+ imaging, FRET, FRAP, and FLIM imaging, 3d time lapse with extensive digital analysis for cell fluorescence quantification, colocalization and image processing, Imagestream, high throughput fluorescent imaging, Nanosight system for studying exosomes and nanoparticles, and a new laser capture microdissection system.

The specific aims of the HRIF are:

  • Offer technical assistance and training including consultation concerning specimen preparation, and assistance with image acquisition and analysis.
  • Offer access to a comprehensive array of equipment and the technical expertise to use it effectively.
  • Work with UAB investigators to identify new ways that these imaging technologies can be employed to enhance their research productivity and overall competitiveness.