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Photo: Jeanne Calment photographed in 1895, age 20.Jeanne Louise Calment, born in 1875, lived until she was over 122 year old. Her lifespan (122 years, 164 days) is the longest reliably confirmed for any human. Mme Calment lived in Arles, France, her entire life. Always athletic, she rode her bicycle until she was 100 and took up fencing in her 80s. All of the ten longest-lived humans with reliable birth records are women.

Photo: Jeanne Calment photographed in 1895, age 20.


Photo: Postojnska Jama SlovenijaThe Olm (Proteus anguinus) is a European cave-dwelling salamander. The olm is estimated to live more than 102 years in the wild. At 10C, its normal environmental temperature, an olm larva takes 16 years to mature into adulthood and lays eggs only once every dozen years. On average adults weigh 17g, less than a tablespoon of sugar, and are about 20 cm (8 inches) in length. Learn more about this remarkable animal in the Successful Aging library.

Photo: Postojnska Jama Slovenija