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Our Plan

As one of the top-ranked and top-funded schools of its kind in the nation, the UAB School of Health Professions did not need a new school-wide strategic plan. With 90% of our day-to-day efforts on track or exceeding expectations, we only needed a growth plan. The SHP Strategic Growth Plan 2022-2026 redefines and refocuses about 10% of our goals, helping us improve in impactful, growing areas and usher us strongly into the second half of this decade and beyond. Click the image below to read the digital flipbook version.

Our Process

This was a thorough, inclusive process that began in May 2021, with a two-day workshop, guided by the Center for Transformation and Innovation and included two-dozen of the top leaders in our school. To ensure all employees had an opportunity to review and provide feedback, the dean conducted six, departmental, in-person and Zoom sessions in November 2021. In each session, the dean reviewed the initial draft of the plan, detailed the findings pillar-by-pillar and answered audience questions. The school tour was also an opportunity to collect employee feedback. After each presentation, employees received a digital survey (anonymously, if preferred) and all submissions were shared with the dean and with the chairs of each pillar for review and consideration ahead of building their teams.

Our Guides

Another benefit of this effort was a school-wide reexamination of who we are, what we do, and why we are here. We saw this as an opportunity to better clarify our intentions and efforts.

  • Mission

    Improving the health and well-being of people everywhere through exceptional, collaborative, and innovative teaching, research, and service.

  • Vision

    To be recognized as a global leader in teaching, research, and service that develops new scientific knowledge, removes barriers and disparities, and develops leaders who help individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve their highest potential in a changing world.

  • Values

    Collaboration | Compassion & Caring | Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Excellence & Achievement | Integrity | Respect | Service | Social Responsibility | Stewardship

Our Pillars

At the heart of our plan, we have four pillars. Each pillar provides equal strength and support. Remove one pillar, and our plan is at risk of collapse. Support each pillar, and they will lift up our mission, vision and values.

Our Philosophies

The foundation of our plan places emphasis on three philosophies. These philosophies form the basis of our culture and our future. This plan outlines how these thematic areas will help us design infrastructure, expand beyond SHP, develop programming, and impact our students. Success in these areas, will lead us to realize our mission and vision.