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UAB Student Affairs has exceptional staff members who serve our campus with professionalism, kindness, and integrity. Each month, an employee who exemplifies the Blazer Way is honored based on a pool of nominations presented to the Professional Development Committee.

The November Employee of the Month is Allison Martin, the Coordinator of Engagement and Belonging at University Recreation. Martin continues to exceed expectations in her role. Her work ethic and commitment to all Blazers that visit URec make her one to be celebrated.


What nominators said about Allison Martin:

Allison's remarkable dedication, accountability, and innovative ideas have significantly impacted the department and our students' experience.

Accountability is a key trait that Allison consistently demonstrates. She has taken full responsibility for the department's success in engaging with students on social media, resulting in our social media account becoming the second most followed within Student Affairs.

Moreover, one of the department's annual goals is directly under Allison's responsibility, which involves hosting two to four large-scale events supporting the university's aim of creating a sense of belonging. Through her efforts, she has nearly reached this goal after hosting two events in late October, with an impressive total participation of around 450 students. It is not just about the numbers; Allison's introduction of the Rubber Ducky Race as part of Recstravaganza has been a game-changer. The number of participants doubled since last year and the energy in the Aquatics Center, where the race took place, was out of this world. This innovative program idea has become a conversation starter and the event's main attraction.

Collaboration has been at the core of Allison's planning for Recstravaganza. She has reached out to numerous on-campus partners, including the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, to engage student organizations in promoting the Rubber Duck Race. Additionally, she has collaborated with various Student Affairs units to ensure their active participation through tabling. Allison's inclusion of dance-focused club sports into the event has provided them with a platform to showcase their skills and abilities, fostering a strong sense of community.

Recstravaganza, the event Allison organized, was designed to promote new opportunities for students to be active and to promote their well-being in a safe and welcoming environment. Allison's meticulous attention to detail and thoughtful planning ensured that every aspect of the event was carefully considered. As a result, participants not only enjoyed themselves but also learned new ways to be active and prioritize their well-being. Being a part of the team that hosted this exceptional event has made me feel incredibly fortunate. Allison's commitment to excellence has been evident throughout the entire planning and execution process.

She has displayed exceptional leadership skills, ensuring that every participant had a memorable experience. Her accountability, innovative ideas, and collaborative spirit have made a significant impact on our department and the student body.