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The purpose of this program is to promote carpooling as an attractive alternative to individual commuting. Carpools reduce traffic congestion, which contributes to higher ground-level ozone ratings. Better ratings mean more industry and business for our city, as well as federal funds to complete road construction projects.

In order to participate in a carpool, you must meet the following criteria: A carpool must consist of at least three employees or two commuting students. Participants must share a ride on a regular basis (at least two days a week). Participants in employee carpools must be full-time, while students must be full-time or part-time and currently enrolled in the semester.

To apply for a carpool, submit a rideshare application.

Description of Services:

  • Reserved Parking Space

    UAB Transportation will accommodate employees or students with a reserved carpool space for the duration of the permit. The reserved spaces will be designated with a sign and controlled for carpool permits during enforcement hours.

  • Emergency Passes

    Each participant in a carpool, other than the primary driver, will receive scratch-off passes (1 per month or 3 per semester) to be used on days they are not riding in the carpool. The scratch-off pass must be displayed on the rearview mirror. Passes are valid only in the area designated on the scratch-off pass.

  • Emergency Ride Home

    Commutesmart offers an emergency ride home program for those who register for the service. Learn more at commutesmart.org.

  • Computer Matching Services

    Computer matching services are provided by completing a form online at commutesmart.org.

  • General Information

    • Each participant must complete a rideshare application.
    • Each carpool will be issued one hangtag for the group. It is the responsibility of the group to ensure that the permit is properly displayed from the rearview mirror.
    • The parking rate will be divided equally among employees and payroll deducted. For students, the semester or academic year rate will be divided equally and charged to student accounts.
    • Misuse of a carpool permit will result in cancellation of parking privileges.
    • Scratch off permits will only be given if multiple vehicles are registered.
    • If the carpool is dissolved, the carpool permit and any unused scratch-off passes must be returned to UAB Transportation. Participants can then purchase their own permits.

  • Other Incentives
    The CommuteSmart program offers a variety of incentives for alternative modes of travel (walking, biking, transit), including carpools of only two individuals.

Questions? Call us at 205-934-3513 if you require more information.