• Safety Escort

    The UAB Blazer Express Safety Escort provides late-night, on-demand van service for UAB students and employees 9:00p.m. to 5:30 a.m. every day. UAB students and employees must present their UAB ID badge to be transported. Visitors will be allowed to use the service when accompanied by a card-carrying student or employee.

    Use the TapRide app or call 205-934-8772 to request a ride on campus. When using the app, be sure to login with your BlazerID and allow location services. Available for iOS and Android.  

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    The Safety Escort coverage area extends to these borders:

    • Railroad Park to the north
    • Eighth Street to the west
    • 22nd Street to the east
    • 14th Avenue to the south

  • Rideshare

    Multiple ridesharing options are available for UAB students and employees. Check below for details on each program :


    • CommuteSmart

      CommuteSmart, a federally-funded air quality program, offers services and rewards for those choosing not to drive alone to and from work. Log your carpool, bicycle, bus, walk, or work from home commute through their website to earn up to $70.00 in the first 90 days and $25.00 per calendar quarter. CommuteSmart can help you find a carpool partner and provides participants with free emergency rides home.

      Save time on your work commute and reduce air pollution in Jefferson and Shelby counties with help from CommuteSmart.

      Learn more at commutesmart.org

    • Birmingham On-Demand

      UAB employees can book rides instantly to many popular locations in downtown and West Birmingham for $1.50 per trip with Birmingham On-Demand, a vanpool service funded jointly by the City of Birmingham and the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

      The service is available 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday.

      Birmingham On-Demand provides inexpensive ride service to many popular locations, including:

      • Medical facilities
      • Grocery stores
      • Pharmacies
      • Banks and credit unions
      • Recreational parks


      Book rides and track van locations in real-time using the Via app. Available for iOS and Android :


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      For more information about Birmingham On-Demand, visit birminghamal.gov/via

    • ZipCar

      Zipcar allows you to reserve a vehicle on campus for personal use. All the benefits of owning a car without the hassles that come along with it. No more circling for a parking spot, paying for gas, or worrying about oil changes! Only pay for a car when you actually use it.

      All UAB students, faculty, and staff over the age of 18 are eligible.

      Reservation details:

      • Annual membership fee for UAB students and employees is $15.00 for the first year and $25.00 per year afterward
      • Hourly rate starts at $7.50, daily $69.00 and overnight $35.00
      • Each car comes with a prepaid fuel card
      • The first 180 miles are free, but users are charged $0.20 for every mile exceeding that limit
      • Maintenance, insurance, and gas are included in the hourly rate

      Vehicles can be reserved online or through the Zipcar mobile app. Available for iOS and Android :


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    • Airport Shuttles

      Groome Transportation provides affordable and safe airport shuttles between UAB and the Birmingham and Atlanta airports.

      Learn more at Groome Transportation.

  • MARS

    Motorist Assistance Roadside Service (MARS)

    Motorist Assistance Roadside Service (MARS) is a free service available to all visitors, students, and employees parking on campus who need help with:

    • Dead battery
    • Air in a flat tire
    • Keys locked in a car

    The service is available weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., except holidays.

    For help, call 205-975-6277.

  • Blaze Ride

    Blaze Ride

    Blaze Ride offers additional service for employees or students with limited mobility — 7:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.

    To request a ride:

    • Students must register with Disability Support Services by calling 205-934-4205
    • Employees must contact AWARE Disability Management at 205-975-9973 

    UAB students and employees must present their UAB ID badge to be transported. Visitors will be allowed to use the service when accompanied by a card-carrying student or employee.

    Eligible Blaze Ride participants may use TapRide app or call 205-934-8772 to request a ride on campus. When using the app, be sure to login with your BlazerID and allow location services. Available for iOS and Android.  

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    • Automotive Services

      Automotive Services

      Automotive Services offers fueling, repair, maintenance, and annual safety inspections for UAB-owned state vehicles. To request service, complete a vehicle repair and maintenance request form.

      The department also helps ensure the university meets the U.S. Department of Energy’s alternative fuel vehicle requirements.

      • Shop Information & Hours

        610 8th Street South
        Birmingham, AL 35294-4555

        6 a.m.–4 p.m.

      • State Vehicle Required Maintenance and Safety Inspections

        State vehicles should have an oil change every 3,000 miles and have an annual service which includes the safety inspection required by Risk Management. Mechanics will make service calls within the campus area. Discounted car wash tickets are available at the repair shop, as well as locking gas caps for all state vehicles.

        Example of Inspection Report

      • Breakdowns & Accidents

        Vehicle Breakdowns

        State vehicles needing assistance with a flat tire, dead battery, or other issues should call Automotive Services as soon as possible. During office hours, contact us and we will determine how to best assist. After-hours on weekdays, call MARS at 205-975-6277 for help. After 10:30 p.m. on weekdays or anytime on weekends, call Weil Wrecker at 205-251-4060. Charges for Weil Wrecker's service can be billed to your department.

        Vehicle Accidents

        Any accident involving a state vehicle should be reported as soon as possible to the Office of Risk Management, using the accident reporting procedures as described in the Vehicle Safety Management Program document, on UAB's Financial Affairs website. For further Risk Management information, call 205-934-5382.

    • Purchase & Rental

      Purchase & Rental

      • Vehicle Rental

        UAB has negotiated rates for car and van rentals with Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
        For rental information, visit procurement's website, or contact UAB Purchasing Services & Procurement Contracts at 205-934-4515.

      • Vehicle Purchases

        New or Used Vehicles

        The Department of Energy requires the university to acquire alternative fuel vehicles (AFV) for automobiles with GVWR of 8,500 or less, which applies to most state vehicles.

        Automotive Services can assist you with determining if AFV purchase guidelines apply. Since the university has to meet this requirement, all vehicle purchases must be approved by the Associate Vice President for Business and Auxiliary Services. View the Purchase Approval Form.

        Golf carts and other utility vehicles fall under the alternative fuel vehicle purchase requirements. For more information from Environmental Health & Safety on driver training see the UAB Golf/Utility Cart Operation Program

        AFV List of Vehicles and State of Alabama Contract for AFVs

      • Vehicle Safety

        The Vehicle Safety Program is administered by UAB Environmental Health & Safety. Anyone who will drive a UAB vehicle is required to take the Defensive Driving course.

        The university also has a policy regarding the use of utility/golf carts that includes specific training for their use on campus. See UAB Golf Cart Operation Program for more information.

      • Vehicle Surplus

        Departments needing to surplus a vehicle should fill out an Equipment Disposition Form (EDF) with the designation "surplus" and appropriate signature in the blue box. The form should list:

        • License plate number in the description field
        • Vehicle number under property number
        • VIN number under serial number
        • Auto Surplus as the "To" location
        The form, along with the vehicle should be brought to Automotive Services to be turned in. The vehicle is taken into surplus for the semi-annual auction (January/July).

        Surplus vehicles are sold by sealed bid auction through UAB Procurement. Automotive Services receives a processing fee for each vehicle with the remaining sale proceeds going to the department/unit to which the vehicle was most recently assigned.

        The next surplus sale is to be announced. The vehicles in the sale are are sold "as-is" and are as follows:

        • Vehicle Year
        • Make
        • Model
        • Name

        For information on vehicle trade-in, see Equipment Accounting information.

    • Training

      State issued vehicles are for official UAB business only. Personal use of these vehicles is strictly prohibited.

      All drivers must:

      • Complete a Motor Vehicle Release (MVR) form
      • Maintain a valid driver’s license
      • Maintain an acceptable Motor Vehicle Record
      • Operate vehicles safely and as outlined in this Vehicle Safety Management Program
      • Report all accidents occurring on campus, regardless of the existence or extent of damage, to the UAB Police and Public Safety Department (accident with injuries, call “911” or for other accidents, call 205-934-3535 and to UAB Risk Management 205-934-5382.

      In addition, all approved drivers must complete the online UAB Defensive Driving course which can be found on the Campus Learning System. This course covers both UAB cars and all vans (no matter the number of passengers riding). New employees should take the course within 30 days of employment and renewal is required every three years.