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UAB has always put a premium on innovative courses and unique programs that prepare students for tomorrow's jobs.


Honors House

Honors Program:

Courses for the Curious

Designed to cultivate intellectually curious students, UAB's University Honors Program scraps traditional curricula in favor of thematically organized arts and sciences courses.
Charles Collat and students

Industrial Distribution:

Just-in-Time Degrees

The Industrial Distribution Program in the UAB School of Business blends marketing, management, logistics, and engineering classes to produce graduates with an intimate understanding of how products move from manufacturers to end users.

Nursing Doctoral Programs:

Legacy of Leadership

For decades, UAB's School of Nursing has led the way in training new generations of nursing leaders through innovative graduate and doctoral programs.

Urban Teacher Enhancement Program teacher in the classroom

Urban Education:

Building a Better Teacher

UAB's Urban Teacher Enhancement Program offers future educators the classroom-proven lessons they need to thrive in urban schools.