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UAB Hospital's world-famous physicians and access to the latest cutting-edge treatments—many of them originally developed by UAB researchers—have drawn patients to Birmingham from around the world.



Cardiac surgery

Cardiovascular Care:

America's Heart Land

When UAB was born in 1969, two of the world’s leaders in cardiovascular care had already been working in the Birmingham medical center, setting the stage for decades of success in cardiac research and treatment.
Dr. Diethelm


A Cut Above

On May 8, 1968, UAB surgeon Arnold G. Diethelm, M.D., performed the first kidney transplant—and the first transplant of any kind—in Alabama. From that moment, UAB’s transplant teams haven’t slowed down.

Optometry checkup


Vision Statement

UAB’s School of Optometry has changed the face of the profession—and improved optometrists' own vision of themselves—through decades of research and advocacy.

Women and Infants Care:

Birth Place

For decades, UAB Hospital has been a beacon of hope for babies—and mothers—in distress.

John Durant

Four-Handed Dentistry:

Double Digits

UAB researchers and clinicians added a second set of hands to the practice of dentistry and revolutionized the profession.



Taste of Success

For decades, Birmingham has been a hotbed of nutrition science research. Breakthroughs at UAB and its predecessor institutions include the use of vitamins to treat diseases such as beriberi and the later discovery of the importance of folic acid for treating diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.