The truth is out there. But the path to reach it often has all the twists and turns of a question mark.

Sometimes researchers don’t have the key piece of data or technology needed to solve a mystery. Or they may interpret facts differently—and disagree about them for centuries. Newly discovered evidence also can prompt the reevaluation of everything that came before.

While the search for answers may not be smooth and tidy, it’s also an irresistible force that inspires a drive to discover in UAB’s labs and classrooms. Read on for a glimpse of knowledge in progress—a look at eight enigmas in science and the arts that have challenged experts at UAB and around the world, and brought us a little closer to the truth.


sp10cov_ambulancecovArrested Development

Why are we making slow progress against cardiac arrest?

sp10cov_linguisticsThe Genetics of Speech

How do we learn language?

sp10cov_darkmattercovExploring the Dark Side

What is dark matter?

sp10cov_shakespearecovThe Truth Behind the Bard

Who wrote Shakespeare's works?

sp10cov_metastasiscovMetastasis Mystery

Why does cancer spread—and how
can we stop it?

sp10cov_abacuscovElementary Equations

What's the best way to teach math?

sp10cov_econSmoothing the Cycles

Are economic disasters avoidable?

sp10cov_btestLooking for Trouble

Which test is best for breast cancer?