UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA AT BIRMINGHAM CHAPTER of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

  1. NAME. The name of this organization shall be the University of Alabama at Birmingham Chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

  2. PURPOSE.  In general, to pursue on the UAB campus the mission of the national AAUP to advance academic freedom and tenure and shared governance; define essential professional values and standards for higher education; and ensure higher education's contribution to the general welfare. 

More specifically, this chapter seeks to:

  • Facilitate communication among UAB faculty for purposes of identifying issues of common concern and interest to them as professional scholar-teachers and of building a greater sense of solidarity across units and disciplines. 

  • Uphold the faculty's academic authority, i.e. its prerogative to determine curriculum content and to create and direct programs that are within their areas of expertise or competence.  On this rests UAB's academic credibility and reputation for intellectual seriousness. The chapter will thus work with the Provost's office, the UAB Faculty Senate, and others to ensure that faculty in general and, their academic units in particular, retain oversight/control of  both discipline-based and interdisciplinary program development including the introduction of new programs and changes in existing ones.  It will also disseminate information on higher education "best practices" and on the values and standards encapsuled in AAUP policy statements. 

  • Promote meaningful faculty participation in university governance and, in particular, a strong, independent faculty voice in all academic and institutional policy-making; and, in any reorganization, restructuring, or realignment affecting  teaching and research.

  • Encourage policies of equity for all members of the university community.

  • Encourage transparency, openness, and accountability on the part of university administrators, for the good of UAB and the public and students it serves. 

In furtherance of the goals described above, the chapter shall have power to conduct studies, disseminate statistics and other information; to engage in appropriate fundraising activities; to conduct promotional activities including advertising and publicity; to hold such property as needed to achieve the above-mentioned purposes; and to employ individuals in pursuit of those same purposes. No part of its assets or income shall be distributed to or inure to the benefit of any individual except in consideration of services rendered.

  1. MEMBERSHIP. All active, graduate student, and retired members of the national American Association of University Professors who are affiliated with the University of Alabama at Birmingham are eligible for membership in the chapter. Associate members of the national AAUP may attend meetings by invitation of the chapter and may serve as voting members of the Chapter's committees.

  2. DUES: Annual dues may be established by the Executive Committee or by a secret ballot vote conducted among chapter members. The vote may be conducted either by mail (or, e-mail) ballot or, after reasonable notice, at a meeting of the membership. Chapter members must pay current AAUP dues plus any mandatory conference and chapter dues.

  3. OFFICERS. As per the AAUP constitution, the chapter shall elect from among its members, at least biennially, a president,  secretary, and treasurer (or, secretary-treasurer) and such other officers as the chapter may determine, e.g. a vice-president.  Each officer shall serve a term of up to two years and no more than two consecutive terms.   The duties of each are outlined below.

President: Duties include executing the policies of the chapter, appointing all chapter committees, exercising general supervision/ oversight of all chapter activities, and presiding at meetings of the chapter and of its executive committee.

Vice president
: Duties include those normally associated with this office and any delegated  by the president. In the latter's absence, the v.p. shall serve in the president's stead.

: Duties include keeping a record of all proceedings and correspondence of the chapter and maintaining official contact with the national organization (e.g. conducting the chapter's correspondence with the AAUP secretary-treasurer).  They also include providing the AAUP secretary-treasurer the names of chapter officers and a copy of the chapter bylaws; and, if desired, preparing or overseeing preparation of newsletters for distribution to faculty. In the absence of the president and vice president,  the secretary shall preside at chapter meetings.

Treasurer: Duties are to keep an accurate record of all funds received and disbursed. At the request of the executive committee, the treasurer shall prepare an annual chapter budget and report of finances and submit these for approval. He/she shall remit to the national AAUP office  and/or the applicable state conference any dues collected on behalf of that office  and/or conference.

When an officer has resigned or is disqualified, the office shall be filled by a special election of the chapter which shall be held as promptly as is feasible.  The executive committee is empowered to fill vacancies in any elective office until a special election is held; the person so elected shall hold office for the remainder of the term.


    1. Executive Committee. This committee shall consist of the Chapter's elected officers, the immediate past-president (if available), and two or more members elected at large, as the Chapter may determine. The majority of the executive committee shall constitute a quorum for conduct of committee business. The committee's at-large and chosen members shall advise the officers on chapter policy and activities. They also shall help establish, as needed, standing rules for communications, attendance & participation at meetings, notice & agendas of meetings, elections or balloting,  website  maintenance, and similar matters.  The executive committee as a whole shall be responsible for the chapter's continuing effective presence at UAB, keeping all positions on the committee filled as vacancies occur. It also shall:
  • Meet regularly.

  • Respond  to faculty members seeking assistance.Conduct chapter business between meetings.

  • Recruit members and encourage maintenance of membership.

  • Set the agenda with appropriate notice for chapter meetings

  • Consult with the administration on matters of mutual interest

  • Respond  to inquiries from the media.

  • Making appointments needed to complete an unexpired term of any officer.
    1. Membership Committee. With the approval of fellow officers, the President shall appoint a membership committee that shall act to maintain and increase the membership of the chapter. This committee should work with the Treasurer and other applicable officers to establish a dues deduction plan and any other appropriate plans to encourage membership recruitment and maintenance.

    2. Other Committees. The President, with approval of the rest of the Executive Committee, shall appoint other standing or ad hoc committees  as circumstances dictate.  These committees may deal with issues such as academic freedom and tenure; the status of women and minorities; professional ethics, accreditation; the faculty role in university and school governance, etc.. They may deal with policies/procedures related to elections and other organizational business.

    1. Regular Meetings. The UAB Chapter of the AAUP shall hold regular meetings at least twice each academic year. The exact number and dates of such meetings shall be determined by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee and communicated to the Chapter membership at or around the start of the Fall semester.

    2. Special Meetings. The President or a majority of the Executive Committee may call   additional meetings of the Chapter, as needed.  The President shall call these meetings within one week of being so directed by the Executive Committee or by a petition signed by ten percent of the Chapter's members.
    3. Meeting Notification. Chapter members will be given written notice of a meeting at least one week prior to its occurrence. Notice of a special meeting shall include a list of the topics to be considered, and no other topics shall be considered at the meeting.

    4. Quorum. A quorum for any regular or special meeting shall consist of at least 50 percent of the members.

  2. DISSOLUTION. In the event of dissolution of the Chapter and after indebtedness and outstanding accounts have been resolved, the remaining funds shall be transferred to the Alabama Conference of the American Association of University Professors or to the National American Association of University Professors, a charitable and educational organization.

  3. AMENDMENTS. These bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the members, provided that a notice setting forth the proposed amendment(s), along with an explanation thereof and known objections thereto, shall have been sent to each member at least 30 days before the vote. Any member of the chapter may initiate an amendment.

  4. PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY.  The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall be the authority in matters of procedure not specified above.

Enacted this_____22__________day of ____September___________ in the year_____2009______.