As part of our 2015 SACSCOC reaffirmation, UAB is required to submit a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) that is designed to improve an aspect of student learning and, therefore, enhance the quality of education at UAB. An acceptable QEP must:

  1. Address a specific topic
  2. Be developed and supported by the campus community
  3. Have defined goals
  4. Be evaluated for its effectiveness

Steering Committee Timeline

  • Winter 2014: Units determine their part of the QEP
  • Late Spring/Summer 2014: Small number of units pilot the new QEP
  • Summer 2014: Written QEP is professionally edited
  • Early Fall 2014: Incorporate pilot data in the QEP
  • Mid-fall 2014: Potentially contract with external reviewers to obtain pre-submission feedback
  • Late Fall 2014: QEP is due to SACSCOC
  • February 2015: SACSCOC site visit to review QEP
  • Fall 2015: Implement final QEP