Empowering teachers to implement the best informed actions to improve student learning in math and science.

AMSTI Facts.....
  • AMSTI is the largest, most comprehensive, and successful math and science initiative in the nation.1
  • Multiple years of AMSTI external evaluations conclude that on every test given by the State Department of Education, AMSTI Schools outperform matched non-AMSTI Schools, often dramatically. 2
  • Over 400,000 students in Grades Pre-K through 12 receive instruction by AMSTI certified teachers every school day, twice a day: once in math, once in science.
  • Math and science often move from least-liked subjects to the most-liked among students in AMSTI Schools.
  • AMSTI ranks as the number one priority of parents and school district board members and is the number one instructional priority for teachers.3
  • Many schools are on a waiting list, requesting to join AMSTI. Funding is the ONLY reason these schools cannot be served.
1 As defined by approximately half of all schools in Alabama being served by the initiative with 16,000 teachers receiving 132 hours of subject and grade specific professional development, serving over 400,000 students on a daily basis, two times a day: once in science and once in math with positive evaluation results from four external evaluations (see www.amsti.org).
2 As confirmed by four years of external evaluations (see www.amsti.org)

3 Alabama Department of Education statewide survey results in Alabama Education News, February 2002

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