What use do PVC pipe, window screening and cable ties have in Antarctica: We are soon to open our suite of amphipod hotels to their first inhabitants. I am not talking about an adventure for human tourists in Antarctica but rather an experimental set up which includes fun and colorful units which we like to call amphipod hotels.

Mcurtis 2018.03 Invertebrates
Do you love touch tanks? Have you ever wondered what kinds of fascinating creatures are found on the seafloor in Antarctica? Well, let me give you a sneak peek by sharing one of my favorite parts of Antarctica with you… our sorting table.

You could hear the joy in the voice of doctoral student Michelle Curtis upon learning that the tan hand-sized sea star (Neosmilaster georgianus) in the sorting table, was in fact roosting on about 100 large, orange yolky eggs.

03.05.18 CurtisDriving

What do bubble-watching, lots of fleece layers, and ski masks have in common?

Divers Bill and Maggie with tender SabrinaWith the project’s initial diving priority of locating and assessing the 14 algal-bearing substrate experiments left over winter in the water well underway, yesterday Bill and I concentrated on collecting familiar organisms we have been studying for many years because of their intriguing chemistry. So, despite gusting winds and intermittent snow squalls, with tenders Sabrina doubling as zodiac captain and Chuck (taking picture) as first mate, we set out for a dive on nearby Gamage Point.


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