AAFP CME Credit for Participation in Research

(7/11/05) Per the American Academy of Family Physicians' CME Accreditation Department...

"AAFP members may self-report a maximum of 10 prescribed credits per year for participation in clinical research studies. No documentation is needed. Each family physician may contact the AAFP CME Records Department at 1-800-274-8043 and ask to have this credit for participation in clinical research studies added to their CME record."

Please contact the APBRN Coordinating Center if you have any questions or concerns regarding your research participation.


IRB Update (11/16/06)

While it is true that UAB requires initial IRB training and continuing renewal for faculty and staff, for nonfaculty or voluntary affiliates such as APBRN members the issue of IRB training remains a “moving target.” To our knowledge, there has never been a definitive statement regarding how affiliates should be handled. Further, methods for obtaining the training – and which are or are not acceptable – have continually changed as well. Given this environment, we do not feel it is necessary or fair to require APBRN members to maintain their IRB certification by renewing annually. At present, all that is required to participate in APBRN research is initial IRB training. Renewal is recommended, but optional, as studies initiated by other PBRNs or institutions may require that physicians and staff provide documentation that their IRB training is up-to-date prior to enrollment.


If you would like to update (or obtain) your IRB certification and earn up to 4 AAFP CME enrichment credits** we recommend completing NIH’s online initial training. Even if you’ve done initial training before by another method, this will bring you up to date and is the simplest option currently available.


To do:


1) Go to http://cme.cancer.gov/clinicaltrials/learning/humanparticipant-protections.asp

2) Click "New User Registration" on the left.

3) Enter the required information. 

4) Complete the course.

5) Print off the NIH Completion Certificate.

6) Fill out and sign the "Verification of Training Completion" - VerificationMemo-IRB-APBRN.pdf (specific to APBRN)

7) Fax both to the APBRN Coordinating Center at (205) 934-9398. Please keep your originals on file.


The CC will submit items 5 and 6 to the UAB IRB on your behalf and, simultaneously, request AAFP CME credit. Once entered in UAB's database, they will email us a UAB completion certificate, which we will then forward to you.


** AAFP CME credits are only available to nonfaculty / volunteer affiliates or to faculty whose position does not require them to maintain IRB certification. In other words, if IRB training is required as part of your job, you cannot get the extra credit. You must be an AAFP member to be receive AAFP CME credits.


IRB Training FAQs


What is it?  IRB stands for Institutional Review Board (for Human Use). IRBs were established to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects, and to ensure that such research is conducted in an ethical manner.  UAB requires that anyone involved in human subjects research be educated about the history, regulations and processes involved in conducting ethical research and obtaining IRB approval for research. For more information about the UAB IRB, please visit http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=55209


Who needs it?  IRB training is required of all 'key personnel' involved in human subjects research. This is defined as 'anyone engaged in the design, conduct, analysis, or reporting of research'. This includes APBRN members. You must provide documentation that you have completed the initial IRB training prior to conducting any practice-based research.


How do I do it?

Online. Web-based IRB training (both initial and Continuing Education) continues to be available through two main providers: CITI and NIH. The NIH course takes less time to complete and is easier to navigate. To complete, simply follow instructions 1-7 above. Live IRB training opportunities are occasionally offered as well. For information or other alternatives, please visit http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=58146 


If you have completed IRB training at or through another institution (i.e., CDC), please provide the APBRN Coordinating Center with documentation, along with a description of the training. We will submit it to the UAB IRB for approval and notify you if it is accepted or you must complete another UAB-approved course.


How OFTEN do I have to do it?

To maintain IRB certification, UAB requires 1.5 hours of IRB Continuing Education every calendar year. The CITI and NIH online CE courses are based on their respective, initial on-line training courses, but are available to anyone regardless of how they obtained their initial training. For information on CE opportunities, go to http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=58147. Click on the link for NIH, and follow the registration instructions.


IMPORTANT: For CE, be sure to follow instructions 5-7 above for submitting APBRN-related documentation to the Coordinating Center. 



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