Name Lawrence Reynolds Papers
Dates 1845-1961: Bulk 1930-1961
Extent 3 cubic feet
Historical Note

Lawrence Reynolds was born on February 11, 1889, in Skipperville, Alabama, to Robert Davis and Mary Frances (Card) Reynolds.  His father, who was blind, practiced medicine in Dale County assisted by his sons.  In 1907 Reynolds entered the University of Alabama and received his degree from there in 1912.  He entered Johns Hopkins Medical School and in 1915 approached Dr. Frederick Baetjer about a residency in radiology.  Reynolds received his Doctor of Medicine from Johns Hopkins in 1916.  In 1917 he enlisted in the Armed Forces to assist with x-ray equipment being sent to the American Hospital in Paris.  With the United States’ entry in World War I he was assigned to the American Ambulance Service of the American Expeditionary Forces in France.  In May 1919 he returned to Johns Hopkins and served as a radiology instructor.  He accepted a position in Peter Bent Brigham Hospital’s x-ray department and was an Instructor of Roentgenology at the Harvard Medical School.  In 1922 he accepted an offer to join Dr. Preston Hickey’s Detroit radiology practice.  During his life Reynolds indulged in collecting rare medical texts and acquired one of the best private medical science book collections in the US.  In 1952 he donated the collection to the University of Alabama Medical Center and in 1958 the Lawrence Reynolds Library was dedicated.  On August 17, 1961, Reynolds passed away in Detroit, Michigan.  He was buried in Ozark, Alabama on August 21.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of four series: Correspondence, Research Papers and Drafts, Financial Records and Scrapbooks.  Over the years parts of the Lawrence Reynolds papers were slowly transferred to the Archives from the Reynolds Historical Library.  During the early stages of processing, the staff looked at the various transfers and the material housed in MC51.  It was decided that some of the material in MC51 appeared to belong with the material transferred from the Reynolds Historical Library and all the material was integrated to form MC87.

A selection of over 200 photographs from Dr. Reynolds' time in France during World War I have been scanned and are now available in the Dr. Lawrence Reynolds WWI Photographs Collection within the UAB Libraries Digital Collections site at

Arrangement This collection is arranged by material type.
Accession Number M2006-05 and M1997-03
Provenance Transferred to the Archives from the Reynolds Historical Library.
Copyright Check with archives staff.
Fnding Aid Printed descriptive guide by Jennifer L. Beck available in repository.
Access Points

American Expeditionary Services.
American Hospital in Paris (France).
Cushing, Harvey  d  1869-1939.
Johns Hopkins University.  b  School of Medicine.
Library benefactors.
Radiologists .
Reynolds Historical Library (Birmingham, Alabama).
Reynolds, Lawrence.  d  1889-1961.
World War, 1914-1918.

Document Types

Financial records.
Identification card.
Passenger list.

Location Manuscript Stacks
Related Series


Physical Condition Acid free folders, acid free boxes

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