Basic objectives

Session Description

The Blackboard Basic workshop introduces you a number of course tools that you can use to engage students within the class and outside of the classroom. You will also learn how to create assignments and the basic structure for an objective test. 

Session Learning Objectives
Upon session completion, you will be able to:
  • Create, add, organize, and present tool-related content in your course
  • Make course tools available/unavailable for students to access
  • Distinguish between discussion boards, blogs, journals, and wikis
  • Create a discussion board forum
  • Create, edit, and reply to a discussion thread
  • Create a blog
  • Create, edit, comment on, and grade blog entries
  • Create a journal
  • Create, edit, comment on, and grade journal entries
  • Create a wiki
  • Create, edit, comment on, and grade wiki entries
  • Create, edit, and grade an assignment
  • Create a test and set test options
  • Create test a question

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