Create wiki entry

Create, Edit, Comment on, and Grade Wiki Content

To create a page, go to the content area where the wiki link resides and click on the link.


To edit wiki content, click on the wiki component in the content area, then select Edit wiki content. This will take you to the now familiar text editor into which you can add, delete, or other wise modify the content of that page.

You can add a comment by clicking the comment box on the page, then entering the comment into the resulting text box:

Monitoring Participation and Grading a Wiki

If you have set the wiki to be graded, you will see a box title Participation and Grading on the top right side of the wiki page. If you have not set it for grading, this box will dsiplay as Participation Summary. In either case, clicking the box will display a page that provides details on each participant's contribution to the wiki. This page shows:
  1. Count of all pages created and the number of versions of each page
  2. Percent of total number of words added, deleted or edited in all pages of the wiki
  3. Count of number of times the Submit button has been clicked on an edited page
  4. Page saves as a percent of total number of pages


To enter a grade for the user, click on the username in when viewing the  participant contribution page. this opens up the Grade box on the right side of your screen; you can still access the page version and modifications pages as pop-ups to evaluate a participant's contribution while deciding on a score.


View Participant Contributions