UAB Blackboard Student Tutorial 2

Blackboard Learn Student Tutorial

Located on this page is a walk-through on logging in, navigating your course, assessments, and communication tools. whiteboard

This tutorial walks you through accessing the Blackboard system, navigating your courses, and working with tools, assignments and tests. You'll also learn the major communication features available. Although your courses could look considerably different depending on how your instructor intends to use the system, the basics will be the same, so this tutorial will help orient you in any course.

You can help avoid problems by ensuring  that you are using a supported browser and you follow a standard naming convention when uploading files. Also, if you run into problems related to how your browser displays, try clearing your cache, as this can help clear up temporary rendering problems.

To help ensure a smooth ride through the system, you should also keep the following in mind:
  • BBLearn uses browser windows to deliver requested content. Some pop-up blockers interpret these windows as pop-ups and block them. If you have installed a pop-up blocker, turn it off while using the Learning System.
  • If you are prompted to accept a Java Security Certificate., you must click Yes or Always to ensure that BBLearn functionality using Java will work properly in your browser.
  • Avoid using a wireless network connection when taking tests. Wireless connections can be interrupted by interference from other devices or because the public wireless access point where you are is saturated.
  • If you experience problems with the chat tool, uploading files, or opening the text editor, verify or update the Java Certificate on your computer.

And if you run into trouble, the AskIT help desk is always there to support you.

Blackboard Learn Student Tutorial: