Java updates

UAB IT Recommends computer configuration changes to prevent automatic upgrades. UAB classes may use Blackboard Learn as part of course instruction. Blackboard Learn requires Oracle Java for some of the features. The current version of Blackboard Learn is certified to work with Java 6. On July 3rd , Oracle will begin upgrading Java runtime environments (JRE) that are configured for automatic updates to Java 7, which may cause certain features in Blackboard Learn to fail or not operate. We are recommending that you prevent the automatic upgrade of your Java 6 to Java 7 by temporarily disabling the automatic updates for Java on your computer. Please follow the instructions on the UAB IT help pages at for your specific operating system to disable automatic updates and to verify that you are using the most secure version of Java 6. Contact AskIT should you have any problems ( or 205-996-5555).

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