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Adding Content to Your Course

There are a number of ways that you can add content to your course, and how you structure that content can vary depending on your subject matter, assessment methods, and teaching style.

Some instructors primarily use course menu links to create content, while others use content areas, or both. Further you can build content using the control panel and link to this content when structuring your course.

Add Content using a Content Area

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The Content Area is the most flexible component that Bb Learn provides for building content in your course. You can also create assessments and tool links in a content area, and you can also display text book information for your course.

The content area mimics a folder or a learning module in that you can add several items in a content area (including a learning module or a content folder) and arrange those items in a form that is digestible for students. If you want to force students to view content in a sequence, it is more convenient to use the learning module tool than a content area.

Build Content

The build content menu allows you to add any of the following content types:

•          Items, which can contain text, files, and images

•           External Links

•          Individual tool links

•           Course Links

•          Multimedia (audio, video, slide presentations)

•           Module Pages

•          Folders




build content

The Create Assignment and Add Interactive Tools Menus


Content Types