Customizing Elements of Your Course

The system allows for limited customization of your course view, including:

  • The color palette of the default home page
  • The menu font and background color
  • Content view
  • Course entry point
  • Course banner

Customize the Default Home Page

You can customize the color palette of the default course home page (module page) as follows:

The remaining elements can be customized using the Customization menu on the Control Panel:

customization 2

Selecting Course Structure

>>>> WARNING!!! This is relatively new (as of Service Pack 10). Using this option should be reserved for new courses, only. Using this with a course with copied content or loaded content wipes the content out. <<<<<

This is a “jump start” for new courses. It creates a themed menu for specific teaching styles. For instance, you can focus on an Activity type, such as a Constructivism model or Lab Format. You can focus on a communication style, such as Guided Discussion or Social Learning. Or you could focus on content styles, such as weekly postings or by topic postings.

Selecting a Course Theme

You can select a theme for your course (there are at least 55 to choose from):

course theme

Menu Display

You can select the default, which is menu text (A) or Buttons (B)

menu display

Default Content View


Select Course Entry Point and Select Banner

You can select any course menu link as the default entry point for your course. Once change, you and all of your students will see the selected page when you click on the course link from the MY Courses List on the My Institution tab. For example, you could link to your syllabus for the first week of class, then switch the course home page to announcements to ensure that students see any announcements you post during the term:
Basic communication with students