Logging in the Blackboard LMS

If you made it here, there’s no point in sending you somewhere else to log in. BUT, in case you find yourself in BlazerNet, you can access your courses through the Faculty Dashboard on the Faculty Resources tab. Because you are already logged in using your Blazer ID, clicking on a course name will take you directly to that course shell.

Here, we're going to walk through logging in from this site.
First, note that the Bb icon on the right side of the screen below is available on the site home page only; the login link on the top navigation bar is visible from any page on this site:

Enter your blazer ID and password, and you will see the My Institution home page:


Click here for all the gory details about the My Institution home page. Right now, we're just concentrating on the course home page. Once you select the course shell you would like to access you will see the course home page.

Course Home Page