BLearn Enhanced Course Support Matrix

The table below contains a list of contents covered in the BB Learn Enhanced Course. The table contains the following information:

Column Definition
Course Content Item The item covered in the course
Instructor Manual Reference: Page reference in the BB Learn Instructor Manual [The link to your left]
Blackboard Online Help Search Term A search term that pulls the appropriate information in the Blackboard online help manual
Web Content Location A url for Help related to that topic on this site

General Topic Area
Groups Overview
Discussion Board Overview
Evaluation (Reports)
Surveys and Pools

Course Content Item Instructor Manual Reference Blackboard Online
Help Search term
Website Content Location
Group Overview
Create Single Group
- Self Enroll
- Manual Enroll
Page 242-243; 248
Creating Groups Create a Work Group (video):
Create Group Set
- Self Enroll
- Manual Enroll
- Random
Page 248 Creating Groups Create Group Sets(Video):
My Groups
- Group Tools
Page 256 Course Groups and Tools Getting Started with groups (pdf)
Editing Groups Page 255 Editing Groups Getting Started with Groups (pf)
Discussion Board Overview
Grade Forum Page 181-182 Grading Discussion Board Participation Grade a Discussion Board Forum (video):
Sort by:
- Date of Last Post
- Order
Page 172-173 Viewing and Organizing Discussion Board Content
Forum Statistics Page 188
 Viewing Discussion Board Statistics
Forum Grade
Edit Discussion Grades Grade a Discussion Board Thread (video):
Print Preview
- Browse My Computer
- Browse Course
Evaluation (Reports)
Reports Page 379-382
Working with Grade Center Reports Run a report on all user activity; save a course report (videos):
Course Reports
- User Reports
Page 379-382 Generating Course Reports Report activity by forum, content area, activity group (videos):
Early Warning System
- Create Rule
Page 390-392 About the Early Warning System;
Managing Early Warning System Rules
Create an Early Warning System(pdf)
Grade Rules and Notifications (video):
Performance Dashboard Page 121-122 Using the Performance Dashboard The performance dashboard (video):

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Style Overview Page 82 How to Set up Course; Menu Display Options
Build Test Page 275-278 Creating and Editing Tests or Surveys Create a Test (video)
Create and Deploy a test(pdf)
Create Question Pages 279-301
Using the Test and Survey Canvas Building Test Questions (videos):
Add Test Questions(pdf)
Reuse Question Page 302 Reusing Questions Tag questions for reuse (video):
Edit Test Page 276-278 Creating and Editing Tests or Surveys;
Rules for Editing Tests
Import Test Page 303-305 Importing Tests, Surveys and Pools Export and import a test or survey (video):

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Surveys and Pools
Surveys Page 91-94
About Creating Test, Surveys, and Assignments
Edit Survey Page 91-94 Creating and Editing Tests or Surveys
Import Survey Importing Tests, Surveys and Pools Export and import a test or survey (video):
Pools Page 308-309 Creating and Editing Pools Build a Pool (video):
Using Pools (pdf)
Import Pool Page 310 Importing Tests, Surveys and Pools Export and import a test or survey (video):

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