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So as an instructor, how might I use mobile learn?

We are pleased to announce the deployment of Blackboard Mobile Learn on UAB's Blackboard Learn system. Students and instructors can now access their courses anywhere, any time using native mobile applications built specifically to facilitate Blackboard course access on a number of devices.

Features and Benefits
Mobile Learn is an excellent way to stay in touch with what's going on in your courses and as a means to communicate with your instructor and classmates. Mobile Learn will allow you to:
  • Access the latest announcements posted by your instructor
  • Track and manage your course tasks
  • Post to a discussion board, blog, journal, or wiki
  • Upload content
  • Access your grades
  • Listen to MP3s

What you can't do
Although Mobile Learn is a great communication tool and facilitates access to large portions of your courses, it is not a complete substitute for desktop access. There are certain file types that you may not be able to open without additional apps installed; and access to audio and video files will be constrained by the capabilities of the device you own.
It is always inadvisable to take a test using a Wi-Fi connection, and this advice holds true for you cell phone or tablet - don't attempt a test using a mobile device, it'll only end in tears.
A summary of things you won't be able to do through blackboard mobile learn:

Submit an assignment Participate in wimba classroom sessions
View Flash-based content Take a quiz or test
Participate in chat sessions

What mobile learn does is put information, support, and communication where you need it, when you need it:
  • refer to content you need in a field learning situation;
  • post your thoughts to course communication tools when you're pondering a subject;
  • build your own community of interest with like-minded peers; and
  •  take a test at the very last minute while eating a sandwich on the patio at Al's [we're kidding - didn't you just hear us say don't take tests using wi-fi or over the phone?]
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Review a demonstration of how the app looks on your device here.