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This section is for students who would like to know more about the ePortfolio, including how to get started and how to access training and support.

An e-portfolio is a collection of your work, which is created by you using text and/or a variety of media such as graphics, photographs, sound and video . Many types of ePortfolios can be created. An ePortfolio can showcase collections of your work and/or demonstrate your learning and professional achievement. Many students use the ePortfolio for career advancement (academically or professionally) when applying for jobs, graduate assistantships, grants or professional studies. Other students use it to document their studies abroad or experiences in learning. Your UAB professor or the program of study may require that you create an ePortfolio using a template. The UAB ePortfolio is accessible from the web and can be when you grant permission to UAB and Non UAB guests. The ePortfolio can be downloaded for viewing off-line.

The UAB ePortfolio 

TaskStream provides the technical platform for the UAB ePortfolio and can be accessed from the UAB IT Instructional Technology Website, The Blazer Net "Courses and Training" tab and at www.taskstream.com.

How to Obtain an Account

Students interested in obtaining an ePortfolio account must subscribe to thru TaskStream. The subscription page is at the TaskStream web site which can be accessed through the Instructional Technology Website, the "Courses and Training" tab in Blazer Net or http://www.taskstream.com/pub/Enroll/Default.asp.

With either option, when first time students come to TaskStream they will see the screen below. Choose the appropriate option for the top box (Create, Renew or Convert account), and then select the subscription Option 1 on the left side.

student 1

StudentSubscription Rates One Semester: $25
One year: $42
Two years: $69
Three years: $91
Four years: $105
Five years: $119
Six Years: $129


To become familiar with adding content to their TaskStream ePortfolio, students are encouraged to attend the webcast "Building a Presentation Folio" offered by TaskStream, or to use the Guides and documentation available from within their TaskStream account.
To attend the webcast "Building a Presentation Folio":

student 2


  1. Log into your TaskStream account and go to the Home Page.

2. Make sure to check the radio button for Portal.

3. Click on View WebCast Schedule and go to the section "Building a Presentation Folio". Choose one of the dates and click on Register Now!

student 3

To use the Guides and documentation available from within TaskStream, log into your account and go the Home Page.

1. Click on the Help.

2. Go to the section Web Publication Tools and click on "Building a Presentation Folio".

3. You can also download the pdf version of this Guide. Click on Downloadable Guides, and go to the section Web Publication Tools, then click on "Building a Presentation Folio".


You can get help directly from TaskStream through Mentoring Services. Mentoring Services provide support for the use of TaskStream's tools and resources.

Taskstream Mentoring Services:
Contact Mentoring Services at 1-800-311-5656 or email help@taskstream.com for help directly from TaskStream.

Examples and Additional Resources

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To provide comments about ePortfolio at UAB (e.g. tool, training, support) contact ronan@uab.edu, brian@uab.edu, kdavis1@uab.edu or tharring@uab.edu. Your comments will be used to improve ePortfolio at UAB.

For assistance, training and support, see information provided above.l