Changing Advanced Assignment Option Defaults
If you make any changes to the advanced assignment options, an additional option will be available at the bottom of the options panel. This asks: Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments? Select yes to have all future assignment creations use the advanced assignment options that have been selected as the default setting. Select no to continue with the previous default advanced assignment option settings.
The default settings can be changed at any time when creating a new assignment or updating an existing assignment.

Search Options

Currently available search options are:
• student paper repository - works previously submitted in classes and assignments on Turnitin
• current and archived internet - a repository of archived and live publicly available internet pages containing billions of pages of existing content and tens of thousands of new pages added daily
• periodicals, journals, & publications - third party periodical, journal, and publication content including many major professional journals, periodicals, and business publications

After you have your desired setting click on ‘submit’. You have created the assignment, and you will see this message: