Student Parking in Express Lots 1 & 3/15B

 Please remember that Express Lots 1 & 3/15B are available for commuter student parking.  Both lots offer easy access into campus via Blazer Express.  The Purple route services express Lot 1 and the Blue route services Express Lot 3/15B.  Wait time between buses average only 10 minutes.

Express 2 Closing:

Effective Monday October 9, 2017 your parking assignment will be permanently relocated to Express Lot 3.  Express Lot 2 will be redeveloped as part of the UAB Campus Master Plan.  You will continue to use the Blazer Express Blue route each day with no change to the schedule.  Thanks for your continued support of UAB and Parking & Transportation Services.

Lot 24:

On Thursday October 5, 2017, we will have to close Lot 24 for the entire day.  Parking will be available for you across the street on the ground level of the 12th Street Parking Deck (UBOB).  We will have attendants at the deck to make sure spaces are available when you arrive.  Please be sure to have your Lot 24 permit visible on your rearview mirror or dashboard.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for your continued support of UAB Parking & Transportation Services.