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UAB is proud of our social media presence. Fans from around the nation follow UAB on Snapchat – from current students and alumni, to high school and prospective students, to community members, and even other universities. UAB.Snapdragon Takeover is about showcasing campus life through a student's perspective.

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UAB Branded Geofilters
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The UAB Snapchat initiative provides colleges and schools the ability to access UAB branded Snapchat filters as a way to share stories that reach a prospective student audience.  As part of a consolidated marketing effort,  University Relations will be providing filters to units who are hosting events where Snapchat can be used as a useful tool for outreach and promotion. 

GeoFilters are design overlays on photos or videos taken in SnapChat. GeoFilters are only available for a selected location and period of time. Geofilters make it easy for Snapchatters who are at UAB events to send messages to friends with UAB branded elements.

UAB University Relations is sponsoring GeoFilters for events hosted Colleges, Schools, and Units around campus. We are happy to design a GeoFilter for your event, however, if you want to design your own please read the submission guidelines. Photoshop & Illustrator templates are also available from SnapChat. All GeoFilters must include the UAB logo

Please contact your school or unit's communication director to request a filter. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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