No one has to follow or read your posts on a social networking site. But there are ways to encourage them to come and stay:

1. Be friendly. Readers prefer a direct, genuine and likable tone. Be light and use wit, when appropriate, but remember  — sarcasm has no place on an institutional site. post1

2. Include. Mention other interested or involved groups to ensure they see your post. It also increases the likelihood it will be retweeted to their followers. post2


3. Share behind-the-scenes info. Give followers a glimpse of developing research and discoveries and events so that following you adds more to daily headlines.


4. Stimulate. Use good art to attract attention. Photos should be of good quality. Crop them to have the greatest visual impact. Enlist help identifying and tagging people to extend its reach.


5. Ask.
Ask questions to gain insights; it shows you are listening to others. Ask for help and support; it shows you believe in community.


6. Listen. Monitor comments made to and about you.

7. Respond. Respond to requests for information, help, compliments and feedback in real time.


8. Reward. Tweet updates about special offers, events and activities.



9. Lead. Reference external articles and share links about your area of expertise. It can’t always “be about you.”


10. Champion your readers. Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by friends, followers and readers. post10