The effectiveness of social media relies on content, consistency and developing a sense of community and cooperation, beginning with your unit and UAB.

Start by talking to your unit’s communications director or team. If you’re not sure who they are, contact your dean’s office. Work with them to define your unit’s objectives and tactics. UAB’s Strategic Plan and your school or division’s plans are a great place to start. Clearly state your goals, the manner in which you intend to achieve them and the values that guide you.

Social media accounts require frequent management and you should plan to be active several times weekly through posts and responses. Each medium varies in how best to set up a non-personal account; your academic unit is not a person and accounts for it should not be established as such. If you are unsure of how to establish a non-personal account in the social medium in which you are interested, please contact your communications director or the Office of Public Relations and Marketing.

Maintaining security and allowing for business continuity is also vital. After meeting with the appropriate communications professional within your unit, provide that person the password to to any social media account for exigencies. Otherwise, keep your user information confidential.

Brand your site effectively. Your reach and credibility are magnified if your presence is recognizable at a glance. UAB’s Office of Public Relations and Marketing offers branding guidelines for social media as well as ways to download logos and wallpapers through the UAB Brand Site.