Photos and media releases

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and the UAB Health System and its entities require authorization and release forms for use when students, faculty, staff, patients and/or others are photographed or recorded in an individual or small-group setting to be be used for the purpose of media, marketing, development and/or customer service.

Institutionally approved forms are below; modification of the forms is not permitted except by authorized parties. There are two categories of forms to choose from: 1) Health care; and 2) Non health care. It is the responsibility of the department to keep the signed forms on file, normally for a period of 36 months.

Health care

Please select one of the health-care forms found in “UAB Standard for Photographing Patients.

  1. Attachment A – “Consent to Photograph, Videotape, Audiotape and/or Film.” This form should be used by the physicians/staff when they want to record in any way for educational/treatment purposes. This form should never apply to internal or external media.

  2. Attachment B – “UABHS Authorization for Use/Disclosure of Information.” This form should be used when the intent is to disclose patient health information to the public for purposes of marketing/fundraising/etc. It should be used by internal and external media when patients are being photographed/filmed/otherwise documented for purposes of advertisements, Web testimonials, etc.

Non-Health care

The “Media Release Form” should be used for all non-health-care situations in which UAB faculty, staff, students or others are involved.